Intel Partner SimplyNUC Unveils Dawson Canyon 7th Gen Kaby Lake Fanless NUC

When Intel first unveiled its super-small NUC family of PCs, the company touted it as being the best thing to hit our desktops in quite a while, and in many ways, it's succeeded. NUCs pack an enormous amount of power under their hood given their size, and they can pretty much fit anywhere, provided there's ample room to breathe.

Speaking of room to breathe, one of the few complaints NUC customers seem to ever mention is noise, and that's to be expected given the amount of power crammed into a small enclosure. That's unless you use a NUC that's built to be 100% fanless, such as the one that's just been announced from Intel "Platinum Partner" SimplyNUC, which has just released a new series built around Intel's Dawson Canyon platform.

Intel Fanless NUC

SimplyNUC configures its offerings with 7th gen Core i3 and i5 processors from Intel, and also supports the company's Optane memory. It's not clear at this point what all of the SKUs will look like, but based on current fanless models from the company, we'd wager you will be able to spec any one of them with up to 8GB of memory.

The real highlight of these fanless NUCs over any others is really obvious: it's fanless. Fanless means that everything will undoubtedly generate more heat, but noise will disappear. SimplyNUC says this design makes these NUCs perfectly suited for conference rooms, industrial control, digital signage, and of course, for use as a regular desktop PC.

SimplyNUC will be rolling out its new series over the course of the next couple of months, with the i3 fanless variant set to come first, next month.