Intel Unveils Broadwell vPro Processors For The Enterprise Without Wires

Intel promises a lot with its just-announced fifth-gen Core vPro processors, but if there's one overarching theme, it's that the company wants you to be wireless -- even if you need to take advantage of a big screen.

Three major focuses for Intel with this launch include general PC design, wireless displays, and wireless docking. On the design front, Intel says that with these new vPro processors, vendors will be able to create products that are up to three times thinner and 50% lighter over previous generations. That's a bold claim, and an exciting one for mobile warriors.

Intel vPro Processor
Intel's Fifth-gen Core vPro Processor

A great example of where the wireless capabilities come in can be seen in the shot below. Here, the presenter's desktop is beamed over to a projection screen without the use of wires, via Intel's WiDi (Wireless Display) technology. As an enterprise implementation, there are many management features here, as well as security protections.

Intel vPro Wireless

Perhaps the more impressive wireless feature here is with the docking capabilities that will come soon. This utilizes Intel's "Wireless Gigabit" technology and will allow people to effectively take advantage of dock benefits but without the wires.

While "wireless" is thrown around a lot here, a dock will have to have some wired connections. Ultimately, a hub will be released that you will be able to plug a variety of products into, such as external storage, USB receivers, and things of that nature. Then, as you bring your notebook near, everything will become engaged, and via Wireless Gigabit, you'll have access to everything connected to that hub.

Other evolutionary perks to come with the fifth generation vPro processors include faster performance, improved battery-life, and pairing with the also-new Intel Solid-State Drive Pro 2500 for increased data security.

Intel says that the first products featuring the new vPro will come in the next few weeks, with over 12 leading PC vendors already on board, and more to be announced later.