Intel turning up the heat on AMD

"To decrease the impact of a head-to-head processor pricing war with rival Advanced Micro Devices, Intel must return to the quick development habits it used when producing its Pentium family of chips, Otellini said. Intel backed off that pace after producing the Pentium 4, and soon began to lose market share when AMD launched the Opteron chip in 2003."

Intel has certainly been on a roll as of late, and here is the skinny on their future plans according to the article:

  • 2007: Intel will transition the current Core microprocessors to 45nm, and introduce new features.
  • 2008: Next generation core CPUs should debut.
  • 2009: Intel will shrink the CPU released in 2008 with a new manufacturing process.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said "We're doing product refreshes every two years, which is the model we invented, and then stopped doing after Pentium 4, shame on us, we fell off it - mea culpa, we screwed up - and now we're back on that pace."

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