Intel's Tom TAP Petersen Answers Your Arc Graphics Questions Here LIVE At 5:30p ET Today

tap intel arc livestream
Join us on today’s Two and a Half Geeks livestream where Dave, Marco, and Chris will be joined by Tom “TAP” Petersen of Intel for a special interview. What’s so special? We are going to be fielding YOUR questions about Intel’s Arc Graphics platform for TAP to answer.

You can just kick back, watch and listen here at HH but join in the convo on YouTube

Intel's Arc Alchemist graphics cards are just about set for launch. Though the Intel Graphics team has been firing up teaser videos on features and performance, we're sure this information has left some of you with questions. Whether you want to know more about how XeSS handles specific scenarios, particular intricacies of implementing resizable-BAR, or for more insight into how different API frameworks fare, now is your chance to ask! Join us LIVE with Intel's Tom "TAP" Petersen TODAY, Thursday 9/15/22 at 5:30 ET and ASK US ANYTHING (Intel Arc related, of course).

Make sure to leave your questions in the comments below, hit us up on Twitter (@HotHardware), join our Discord community, or drop them straight into the chat once the show goes live at your viewing platform of choice (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Show Notes

05:00 - Stream Start
05:30 - Reminiscing About 'The Shack'
07:14 - Introducing TAP
08:50 - Has Arc Been Cancelled?
13:05 - GPUs Are Large Pieces If Silicon...
15:00 - What Has Intel Learned From Alchemist
17:51 - Intel Arc Driver Expectations
19:34 - Arc In Systems Without ReBAR
22:00 - Arc's Behavior In Older Systems
23:05 - High-Level Snapshot Of The Family
25:34 - Comments On Partner Boards And Clocks
28:01 - Power, Temperature And Fan Info
29:29 - Arc Ray Tracing Performance
32:31 - Ray Tracing Deep Dive
36:49 - Ray Tracing Optimizations?
37:44 - BVH Demystified, BVH Cache Info
40:20 - DX9 / DX11 Support And Optimization
44:27 - Next-Gen Arc (Battlemage) Tweaks?
46:26 - The State Of Arc On Linux
47:36 - How Many Software Engineers On Arc?
48:13 - Arc Display Engine Explained
48:58 - Look Closely At That Slide! :P
49:40 - Clarity On HDMI 2.1 Support
50:20 - How Big Is The Arc A770?
51:23 - Arc A770 Card Details
53:14 - Pricing Talk!
54:14 - XeSS vs. DLSS Comparisons
57:12 - XeSS Game Support
59:23 - What Can You Say About Availability?
1:00:01 - Arc Mining Eth?
1:02:00 - Arc A770 Overclocked To 2.7GHz
1:03:29 - Power While Overclocked?
1:03:50 - Arc ML Performance?
1:06:20 - Parting Thoughts On Arc