Intel To Shutter AppUp PC App Store On March 11

It's downright incredible just how quickly things change in the technological world. It feels like an eon ago that netbooks were all of the rage, but in truth, it was just 3-4 years back. Those tiny notebooks were selling for well under $400, offering mobile computing at a price that had not been seen before at that time. They were a bit slow, thick, and underpowered, but they offered the basics and they sold quite well for a time. In fact, they were so popular that Intel itself planned on launching an app market specifically tailored for netbooks, called AppUp. That was MWC 2010, and just weeks before MWC 2014, AppUp is being shuttered.

Granted, four years is a pretty long run in this space, but it's pretty safe to say that AppUp never truly hit critical mass. Intel even announced a million dollar development fund to get things going, but even it couldn't have predicted the swift fall of the netbook as the tablets rose. Effective March 11, AppUp will close for good.

Intel isn't saying much on why the closure is happening, but it's clear that it needs to focus its efforts on technologies that are having a greater impact in the here and now.