Intel Teams Up with Conan O'Brien Again

Intel Teams Up Again with Conan O'Brien

NBC Integrates Intel's 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' Campaign On-Air and Online

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 24, 2009 – Intel Corporation will again be the subject of some good-humored laughs with Conan O'Brien, having signed on as a sponsor of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," which launched under its new host on June 1. Following up on O'Brien's successful 2007 visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, which was underwritten by Intel, this partnership leverages O'Brien's unique ability to humorously convey to his viewers Intel's unique personality, cutting-edge technology and futuristic innovations.

Intel and its "Sponsors of Tomorrow" marketing campaign will be woven organically on-air and online through NBC Universal. Since its May 11 launch, the new integrated campaign has been seen in more than 24 countries via television, print and online. On-air spoofs have also proven to be a breakthrough way to deliver the message that Intel is not just a microprocessor company, but a move-society-forward-by-quantum-leaps company.

A dedicated page hosting co-branded content including on-air segments, interactive experiences and static ads are available now at

"Intel is paving a path to the future, and creating new ways to connect to people in meaningful ways," said CJ Bruno, group president, Intel Americas. "While we are passionate about technology with a serious impact on society, there is also a funny, quirky side to Intel people – and we want to share that side of our personality too." Sponsors of Tomorrow isn't about one particular Intel product or processor, it's about the Intel brand overall. Among other things, the campaign illustrates the ability to turn science fiction into science fact and outlines our investment in science education outside our walls."

"We had a great experience working with Intel a few years ago when we took the 'Late Night' show to San Francisco,” added Jeff Ross, executive producer of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien." "Now that we have moved to California, Intel has given us a great opportunity to have some more fun with them. They have been a great partner."
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