Intel Targets $599 Ultrabooks For the Holiday Shopping Season

If the only thing preventing you from purchasing an Ultrabook is the price, we have good news. On the manufacturing side, it's in everyone's best interest to push the Ultrabook form factor, including Intel, which will attempt to get Ultrabooks into more homes by driving down and/or maintaining the cost of entry as new hardware emerges

Intel's Kirk Skaugen recently told an audience at the Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) in Los Angeles that new Ultrabook models based on the chip maker's upcoming fourth generation Core processors (Haswell) will ship in time for the holiday shopping season with a starting price of $599.

Vizio Ultrabook

That's encouraging news, considering that one of the requirements for a next generation Ultrabook is a touchscreen, which can drive up costs. Some new Ultrabooks built around Haswell will also feature faster solid state drives (SSDs), higher resolution displays, voice recognition, and longer battery life.

"We designed this chip from the ground up for the Ultrabook," Skaugen said. "You'll truly be able to leave your battery pack at home."

In other words, even though Ultrabooks are getting faster and more capable, prices are still coming down. Sure, you can expect decked out models priced upwards of $1,000, but at the same time, there will be no shortage of Ultrabooks that cost around half as much.