Intel SSD 750 Series Expands With 'Middle Child' 800GB SKU

Several months after first introducing the SSD 750 series of solid-state drives, Intel is touting its first addition to the line: an 800GB Intel SSD 750 that hits a sweet spot between the two original models. Until now, anyone who wanted storage with the sheer speed of the 750 series had to choose between a 400GB drive and a 1.2TB behemoth.

intel ssd 750 1 jpg

The 800GB SSD 750 has many of the same physical characteristics as the other drives, but differs a bit when it comes to performance. From a durability standpoint, the hard drive is as tough as the others, offering the same endurance rating (70GB writes per day) and a 1.2 million-hour mean time between failures (MTBF). And, like the other drives, the warranty for the 800GB model lasts five years.

While the new SSD 750’s capacity puts it in the middle of the two existing drives, the newly-announced SSD’s performance looks to be a bit lower than that of the 400GB model when it comes to sequential reads and writes. The 800GB model’s read and write speeds are 2100 and 800MBps, respectively, to the 400GB model’s 2200 and 900MBps speeds. The 800GB model has faster speeds than the 400GB model when it comes to random reads and writes, offering 430000 and 230000 IOPS, respectively.

intel ssd 750 4 jpg

Intel hasn’t released pricing for the 800GB model yet, but with bulk pricing for the other two models at $389 and $1,029, it seems fair to expect a price tag in the $709 dollar range.

We reviewed the Intel SSD 750 line when Intel first released it earlier this year. Like the other drives in the 750 series, the 800GB SSD makes use of the non-volatile memory express interface (NVMe). The NVMe interface standard has been developed by a consortium of major storage players to provide the kind of bandwidth that SSDs can’t achieve with a SATA interface.