Intel Reveals Media Server Reference Design

It's no secret that Intel is planning to get into the television and entertainment business in some way, but now it appears that the company is getting looser about introducing things pertaining to those goals. At the TV Connect 2013 event in London, Intel has launched a new reference design for Media Processors. The MSRD is both a hardware and software design kit for OEMs and system integrators that allow them to quickly develop Intel-based set-top boxes and media servers. Intel has pre-integrated components such as a media engine, broadcast stacks, virtualization, and motion control technology so that validation testing time is reduced and time-to-market is accelerated. The MSRD is based on the Atom processor CE5300, a dual core Atom-based SOC that supports hyperthreading, virtualization, an advanced 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management, and a H.264 B-picture hardware encoder.

Intel's in talks with "a number of companies" to provide technologies to create the latest set-top boxes and media servers. The MSRD features Futarque’s DVB-T2/T/C broadcast and media sharing stacks, Videon Central’s aVia media engine, and includes Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace Motion Engine software to enable a motion remote control.  Additionally, the hardware platform designed by Prodrive can quickly become production ready.  The MSRD will be available in April 2013 from Intel and through our distribution partner Videon Central.

Intel's already wiggled into your laptop, tablet, desktop, and phone -- might as well invade the living room next, right?
Tags:  Intel, HDTV, Atom, server, media, SoC