Intel Reveals Details of New CPU Design, Setting Up Dual Displays

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VL System M-Play 202 Media Center VFD @ ExtremeMHz

"It seems my running stretch of HTPC-oriented reviews is not quite over yet...VL Systems just dropped their hot new M-Play 202 Media Center VFD onto our review bench! This device is squarely aimed at the build it yourself crowd, and comes with two items that any HTPC enthusiast would want in a new build – a remote and VFD display. VL System has seemingly combined the two in a slick one stop solution, but is it good enough for your rig? Read on and find out!"

Intel reveals details of new CPU design @ Tech Report

"At 14 stages, the main pipeline will be a little bit longer than current Pentium M processors. The cores will be a wider, more parallel design capable of issuing, executing, and retiring four instructions at once. (Current x86 processors are generally three-issue.) The CPU will, of course, feature out-of-order instruction execution and will also have deeper buffers than current Intel processors."

Setting Up a Dual Display Desktop @ Big Bruin

"Dual display configurations are not difficult to setup and offer an economical alternative to upgrading to a larger monitor. The convenience of such a monitor arrangement can be reaped in both business and personal applications, and once you experience working or playing on two displays, you may wonder why you didn't do it sooner."

ULi M1695 HyperTransport PCI Express Tunnel Chip @ Hardware Zone

"The M1695 is ULi's latest Athlon 64 core logic solution, but this isn't your momma's traditional chipset. The M1695 features HyperTransport as a universal interconnect for vast configuration flexibility and TGi for true PCIe, AGP and PCI operation simultaneously."

IDF Fall 2005 Coverage. Day 1 @ X-Bit labs

"IDF Fall 2005 started a few hours ago, and I already have something interesting for you to read. News from the dual-core front, amazing optimizations of the power consumption (and not only on the mobile segment), Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest and more!