Intel Requests Further Information From AMD-ATI

Intel is looking for details from AMD in the Antitrust case that was started last year. Now that the AMD-ATI merger is complete, Intel is requesting all sorts of info from both AMD and ATI, and is questioning whether AMD will make ATI chips. Intel is specifically looking for financial details from the merger, as well as document's that could possibly affect AMD's semiconductor manufacturing.

"Interestingly, Intel want to see documents provided to ATI or any initiative by AMD to improve performance or competitively position against Intel's Stable Image Platform (SIP). Interestingly, because AMD has collaborated with fierce ATI competitor Nvidia to produce such a platform. It wants to see such documents from January 1st 2002 to now. That includes information about problems ATI had implementing AMD's CSIP programme, and documents concerning AMD's ability to extend battery life in notebooks."
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