Intel Releases Pre-Alpha Android 4.2.2 Developer Preview That Can Dual Boot With Windows 8

Developers and OEMs alike have been flirting with Android/Windows 8 marriages for a while now, but Intel’s Open Source Technology Center has taken a step forward by releasing an Android developer preview that can dual boot Android and Windows 8 on the same Intel-based device.

The Android on Intel Architecture (Android-IA) preview is based on Android 4.2.2 and the Linux 3.8.0 kernel and includes an interactive installer. It also does away with support for legacy BIOS booting, favoring UEFI boot instead. There’s no Bluetooth support yet.

Android/Windows 8 dual boot
Now this is happening

The group notes in the post that this is a pre-alpha release, so anyone bold enough to try this out on their own should be forewarned. You should also back up your data beforehand, install Windows 8 before trying to add Android, and delete any existing Windows installer partitions.

Android-IA will see updates in the coming weeks that will make things easier, but the pre-alpha release is available now, with quick start instructions available, as well.