Intel Rakes in the Dough in 2007

If there's any doubt that Intel's RE-dominance over AMD has been completed, one need only look at these financial results.

The year 2007 was all about "payback time" for Intel. While its annual revenue only climbed a modest 8% to $38.3 billion for the year, net income was up a delightful 38% to $7 billion, and earnings per share climbed 37% to $1.18. The reasons are pretty much obvious now: Intel regained a lot of what it had lost to AMD in all critical market segments, including and especially in server CPUs.

So what's the problem? First, it's the fact that this quarter's numbers came in on the low side of guidance, which means that three months ago analysts were told to expect a ballpark range, and when you divide that range in half, today's figures were within the lower half.

Payback time, eh?  No doubt, as AMD can attest.  Still, not all is rosy, but then with the economy in a downswing, what is?

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Via:  BetaNews
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