Intel QX9775: On The Skulltrail I Saw A CPU...

There's little to say about Intel's Skulltrail that hasn't already been said: it's probably going to be seriously fast and quite expensive.  On top of that Skulltrail is also very likely to gain some sort of quadfather-esque level of fame, and is live on as a performance legend even if the concept doesn't break sales records.

At the very heart of Skulltrail is the pair of quad-core CPUs, but we have only really had speculation up until this point as to what those CPUs might be called, and estimates as to their clock speed.  Now that the launch date is looming, it looks likely that Skullktrail will launch with a flagship CPU that could be marketed as the QX9775:

“The quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX9775 has frequency of 3.2GHz, supports 1600MHz FSB, and uses the server-based socket 771. Pricing will be US$1,499, according to the sources.”

With specs like those we're thinking that Intel ought to be shipping these CPUs with discount vouchers for adult diapers.

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Via:  DigiTimes
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