Intel Puts Lower Priced SSDs in Your Christmas Stocking

It doesn't matter whether you landed on Santa's naughty or nice list this year, or if you even celebrate the holidays, not as far as Intel is concerned. Why? The world's largest chip maker just sent word that it lowered prices and introduced a new model of its SSD product line in time for the holiday buying season.

"Every Christmas, consumers are looking for the latest tech gadget; this year, with prices dropping, the solid-state drive is becoming more mainstream and can make the single greatest improvement to PC performance," said Troy Winslow, director of product marketing for the Intel NAND Solutions Group. "With an SSD, tech shoppers can give the gift of a technology makeover that will help speed up, or breathe new life, into a current PC by just swapping out the hard drive for an SSD."

New pricing for the Intel X25-M in 80GB form has been set to $199, while the 160GB version is now priced at $415. In addition, Intel has gone and released a 120GB model, which the chip maker plans to sell for $249.

Still too rich for your blood? Welcome to the world of SSDs, and not even a price break can hide the fact that these suckers carry a heavy premium when compared to mechanical hard drives. But hey, at least they've finally reached 'affordable' status, especially if you can make do with a lower capacity drive. Intel's X25-V in 40GB form, for example, can be bought for less than a C-note.