Intel Price Cuts In Full Effect

July 22 has come and gone and just as anticipated, the Intel price cut is finally here. Unless you've been on vacation in the African plains for the last couple months, living the disconnected life with the local tribes and learning their ways, you've probably heard about this widely reported price cut. The price cuts effect Intel's quad core processors, dropping their price by as much as 50%. The cheapest quad-core Intel has to offer, the Q6600, went down in price from $530 to $266.

Intel is also positioning the new Q6700 in the Q6600's former price point at $530. The Q6700 is an un-Extreme version of the QX6700, which it replaces. The QX6800 gets the QX6700's position and now retails for $999.

While it looks like the quad-cores got to have most of the fun, Intel's dual-core processors got some lovin' too, although considerably less. The E4400 dropped in price by $20, from $133 to $113, to take over the E4300's price point. The E4400's former price point is now being covered by the new E4500 which clocks in at 200MHz faster than the E4400.
While Intel's E6000 line-up didn't recieve any price cuts, the new 1333MHz additions to the E6000 family debute at highly competative price points last week. Intel's server parts also didn't recieve price cuts this 22nd of July, however Intel is expected to cut prices on several Xeon parts in the coming week.