Intel Powered Oakley Radar Pace Smart Eyewear Now Available For Fitness Buffs Everywhere

It's not hard to find wearables that have a huge focus on fitness, but it can be hard finding one that's worth actually purchasing. If you're serious about fitness, and like using modern technology to help you improve your workouts, then you're going to want to pay attention to the new Radar Pace from Oakley (made in cooperation with Intel and Luxottica).

At $450, Oakley's Radar Pace glasses are not designed for those who are casual about fitness. Instead, they are geared towards those who enjoy the myriad of stats and recommendations that will come from the product's software. They're also suitable for anyone who wants to adopt a slight cyborg aesthetic.

Oakley Radar Pace

These glasses have more than just looks, however; the voice-activated Radar Pace is designed to monitor your workout and provide advice that will help you maximize results. That advice isn't based on simple metrics but is instead molded around your particular stats. Oakley calls this advice a "unique training program". Pro athletes have personal trainers for a reason; the Radar Pace essentially gives the same kind of benefit to regular folks. Something tells us that most personal trainers will wind up being more expensive than these glasses.

What makes that ultimately useful is a feature delivered by Intel, called Real Speech. The goal with Real Speech is to allow the user to have a more natural conversation with the AI in their glasses, so they don't have to feel like a robot when barking commands at the device.

Oakley Radar Pace App

Of course, the eyewear wouldn't be as useful without robust mobile software, so that's featured here as well. With it, you'll be able to get into very specific detail about the effectiveness of your workouts. Some metrics monitored include heart rate, power output, cadence, speed, distance, and time.

Adding to the usefulness of these glasses, the software can even team up with other sensors that you provide. As long as they support Bluetooth or ANT+, you should be able to pair them without issue.

The Radar Pace is available right now, for the aforementioned price of $450. That price includes the glasses, the built-in earbuds, charging cable, and protective case. It can be ordered directly from Oakley at the URL below, or if you're lucky, you'll find it in stock at a local Sunglass Hut.