Intel Poaches Qualcomm Exec In Continuing Effort To Bolster Mobile Penetration

Qualcomm still lists a biography for Amir Faintuch on its Leadership page, though that will soon change, as the former President of Qualcomm Atheros is headed over to Intel to boost the Santa Clara chipmaker's relevance in the fields of mobile and Internet connected devices (think along the lines of the Internet of Things, or IoT).

More specifically, he'll tank rank among Intel's handful to top-level executives as a senior vice president and co-general manager of the Platform Engineering Group with Josh Walden, former head of the group and an experienced leader in the field of chip manufacturing.

Intel Sign
Image Source: Flickr (Chris Potter)

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy told Reuters that Faintuch is experienced in designing System-on-Chip (SoC) packages, which is an area that Intel isn't as experienced in as it would like to be.

"We want to accelerate our success rate with SoCs and get the designs aligned and the roadmaps aligned to do that," Mulloy said. "We've made good progress but there's more to be done. Amir has extensive management experience and a strong resume."

Despite there being a limited number of high level talent in Silicon Valley, Intel doesn't often hire workers from major competitors. In this case the company was willing to make as exception as it attempts to become more relevant in the mobile sector, especially as PC sales continue to decline.