Intel Plans Small Layoff In McAfee Security Services Division

It’s not clear how many jobs will be lost, but according to a Reuters report, at least a small percentage of Intel’s McAfee security division will be getting the pink slip soon. McAfee has about 7,100 employees, so even a “small percentage” could be a lot of people.

McAfee is best known for its desktop PC security software, and the division--which was apparently worth up to $7.7 billion when Intel bought it early last year--and a dip in PC sales market-wide may be having an impact on McAfee’s bottom line as it competes with number one security software maker Symantec.

McAfee headquarters
McAfee headquarters

Both companies may be facing increasing pressure from the new version of Windows Defender that will be bundled with Windows 8, which reportedly will include virus detection and removal, threat detection, and network protection. It’s likely that many consumers will simply opt for the built-in protection, although enterprises will probably stick with third-party security software.

It’s never good to see people lose their jobs, but this may be indicative of a shift in the security software market.