Intel Pentium-M Performance, Pentium EE 840, and more!

Hey folks... anyone else living in hot weather right now? After months of horrible weather and teeth chattering cold, this 80'F heat is a bit much. Anyway, today in the news we have word that Ameritrade has warned some 200,000 clients that a data tape has either been lost or accidently destroyed. If you happen to be one of those customers, check out the news below and drown your sorrows with a good review ;)

GIGABYTE GeForce 6600 TurboForce Ultra Edition @ Techniz

"The performance of this GigaByte GeForce 6600 128MB PCI-Express graphic card is out perform the ATI 9800 series even the ATI X700 Pro and it was very close to the GeForce 6600GT performance. Beside that, the bundles was very good which including of a full game of the Thief. As for the overclocking results from this GigaByte GeForce 6600 128MB PCI-Express graphic card is very good as well."

Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Processor Review @ PC Perspective

"Each of those applications has its own set of variables, tasks, execution orders and data that can be manipulated independently of any of the other programs running. That is the ideal situation for multiple cores to run in, only instead of having an application be responsible for multiple threads of execution (ala CineBench or 3D Studio Max) we have the operating system handling them."

Intel Pentium-M Performance @ t-break

"While we won't go in the details on the architecture of the Pentium-M CPU, we will briefly point out that the Pentium-M is more of a Pentium III with a longer pipeline and not much of the extremely power hungry Pentium4.. The CPU that we have has a 2MB low latency L2 cache"

Intel Technology Guide @ PCMechanic

"This guide, like the AMD guide, will only focus on what is widely available on the desktop now. So don't expect anything Pre-P4, or anything to do with the older socket 423 P4s (but if you have any sense you will avoid them anyway."

S3 GammaChrome S18 Pro Graphics Adapter @ X-Bit Labs

"S3 Graphics is back again with a new product that supports PCI Express bus, boasts potentially competitive features and is offered at a relatively affordable price. But is it enough to win the race with the solutions from NVIDIA and ATI?"