Intel Penryn 45nm CPU Already Up and Running

We just got an interesting tid-bit of information from Intel we thought you'd be interested in. It looks like Intel already has working samples of their next generation 45nm desktop processor, code named Penryn, and it has booted multiple operating systems successfully...

"We have working samples of the Penryn processors -- and in a short period of time have already booted 4 operating systems (Windows Vista, XP, Linux and Apple Mac OS-X). These are good indicators of how healthy our 45 nm manufacturing and future product designs are looking so far as we plan to begin manufacturing production in the second half of the year ramping to three (!) 300mm factories in 2008.

Since late June, we have introduced almost 30 (29) server, desktop and laptop processors based on the Core Microarchitecture, with the majority coming earlier to market than we first forecasted to our customers. Nine of those are quad-core server and desktop processors for in just over two months since our first launch."

News broke last night that Intel had booted Windows XP on Penryn A0 silicon but now they've also confirmed Vista, Linux and Mac OS-X are up and running as well.

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