Intel P4 570J Reviews, Coolers, Cases, and More

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 Swiftech MCX64-V and MCX6400-V HSF Reviews @ PCPerspective:

"Swiftech has been supplying high-end cooling solutions to PC enthusiasts and overclockers for many years. Founded in 1994 as a Maintenance and R&D organization for Unix computers and imaging systems, Swiftech has expanded their product offerings to include air-cooled, water-cooled, and active thermoelectric (Peltier) cooled heatsinks."

 FIC KT-748 Motherboard Review @ OCModShop:

"I believe that this board fits well within the market space it is aimed at, mainly the budget builder market. While not a stellar performer, it does support many of the newer technologies that many older boards with similar prices may not. The ability to use the 400MHz front side bus Athlons is a big plus, as is support for PC3200 memory. I would recommend this board to someone looking to build an entry to mid level gaming PC, but not to the budget overclocker as the lack of overclocking options make it a very poor performer in that respect."

 Polarflo TT CPU Block @ Controlled-Insanity:

"In a day an age where computer modding and the number of people who are wanting to build high performance machines is reaching new heights, we thirst everyday for each new performance part to hit the market. But what are we looking for? We as modders want something that takes our machines to a whole new level, aesthetically and especially performance wise. Well, my fellow modders that day has come."

 Intel Pentium 4 570J @ Hexus:

"It's very hard to recommend the Pentium 4 570J when the competition, AMD, is currently doing so well. I'd either opt for a cheaper 5xx model and overclock it, hopefully, to the 570J's default 3.8GHz clock speed, or go for any number of Athlon 64 CPUs. Dual-core Smithfield can't come soon enough, I say. Up until then, though, Intel's top-end desktop processors' performance won't be giving Dr. Hector Ruiz sleepless nights."

 Microcool -- Coolers for Motherboards @ Legit Reviews:

"The "North Pole" northbridge chipset cooler looked to be a very well made heatsink. It has a full copper construction of the base, with a good, clean surface. A 40MM fan secured with an aluminum frame and the ability to mount the cooler on boards using either holes or hooks should offer a big improvement over any stock northbridge chipset cooler."

 ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Motherboard Chipset @ Hard|OCP:

"ATI's Radeon Xpress 200 series looks to be a chipset that will be a worthy competitor in the enthusiast retail motherboard market. If ATI can be a success with the computer hardware enthusiast, ATI can move into any market pricing allows them to."

 E-Power Technology Warrior Gaming PC Review @ Hardware Pacers:

"One of the newest products from E Power Technology is the Warrior Gaming PC Case. Its sleek and stylish design create a bold looking PC case that any gamer can be proud of. The 450 watt power supply that comes standard with the case can power virtually any system in today's market."

 Online product activation, positively evil or good stuff? @ Hardware Analysis:

"I did not like the idea when Microsoft announced, prior to the Windows XP launch, that future versions of Windows would require online registration... many game developers have shown; only with a valid product key you're able to play online and join multiplayer games. But one game developer has taken it a step further."

 Intel's Pentium 4 570J 3.8GHz processor @ TR:

"Beyond that, the new Pentium 4 570J processor does offer a little more than just another 200MHz, as that J lurking at the end of its model number suggests. This new revision of the Prescott core offers lower power consumption, buffer overflow protection, and a nice bit of overclocking potential. Read on to see how it performs at 4GHz and beyond."

 Antec Phantom 350W PSU @

"Do you dream of the day where the only noise coming from your PC will be from the speakers? As time goes by that dream is becoming more and more of a reality. Antec has come to the plate with the Antec Phantom power supply, a completely fanless, passive cooling PSU that is quiet as a mouse."

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