Intel Optane SSD 905P Family Welcomes Larger Capacities Up To 1.5TB

Intel has bumped up the capacity on its well-regarded Optane SSD 905P family. Intel's Optane SSDs for enthusiasts offer a compelling performance upgrade over run-of-the-mill SATA storage devices and can offer some significant advantages over NVMe SSD (in certain aspects), but they do come with an added cost.
intel optane 905p angle

The company announced that its Optane 905P half height PCIe x4 add-in card (AIC) has jumped in maximum capacity from 960GB to 1.5TB. Likewise, the 2.5-inch U.2 version of the Optane 905P is also available in two larger SKUs: 960GB and 1.5TB. For those that don't need as much space, there are still 960GB AIC and 480GB/280GB U.2 SKUs available for customers.

While Intel has announced that these larger capacity drives have launched, it has provided no guidance with respect to pricing…yet. However, the 960GB Optane SSD 905P AIC is currently selling for $1,300 on Amazon, which should put the 1.5GB model at roughly $1,600 (give or take a hundred bucks or so). The 480GB Optane SSD 905P can be had for $550, which should put the new 960GB model at around $1,100.

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That's a pretty penny to pay for 1.5TB of storage, but as we've seen in our own testing, The Optane SSD 905P family is blazingly fast across a wide spectrum of SSD benchmarks. The SSDs employ 3DXPoint memory, and can deliver sequential read/write speeds of 2600MB/sec and 2200MB/sec respectively. In addition, random 4K random reads and writes are rated at 575K and 550K IOPs respectively. Intel lists endurance at 10 drive writes per day, while the MTBF is rated at 1.6 million hours. 

We're happy to see Intel continue to push forward with higher capacity Optane SSDs; now we're just hoping that we can see some pressure to get those prices a bit lower.