Intel 'Evo Powered By Core’ Branding Leaks, Rumored For 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs

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It’s been a rough week for Intel given the announcement that its 7nm products have been delayed and that it’s shaking up the Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group (along with the departure of Chief Engineering Officer Dr. Murthy Renduchintala). But Intel’s product pipeline is still packed to the brim with new releases, and it looks as though the company is also looking for a branding makeover.

Thanks to trademarks that were filed with the USPTO, we see updates for the standard Intel logo, Core i3 branding, and something completely out of the ordinary: Evo Powered By Core. The Evo branding is something completely different for Intel, and would likely make reference to an “evolutionary” step for the company in processor design. The fact that there is a “powered by” thrown in there leads us to believe that this is a completely different animal than previous Core processors.

intel evo branding 2

With that in mind, the folks over at PC Gamer seem to think that Evo will be the official branding for Intel’s Alder Lake processor platform, which the company confirmed will launch during the second half of 2021. Alder Lake is similar in many respects to Lakefield, which launched earlier this summer. Lakefield makes use of a single high-powered Sunny Cove core along with four smaller Tremont [efficiency] cores in a big.LITTLE arrangement. Alder Lake-S would reportedly pair up to 8 big [Golden Cove] cores and 8 small [Gracemont] cores on the desktop side.

Alder Lake processors will be built on the 10nm process node as the latest evolution in Intel Hybrid Technology. Of course, this is all just pure speculation based on a trademark filing, but it seems highly plausible given the path that Intel is plotting forward with processor design.

But before Intel can get Alder Lake out the door, the next products up on deck for the company will be 11th generation 10nm Tiger Lake (laptop) and 14nm Rocket Lake-S (desktop) processors. The former is supposed to launch in early September, while the latter will likely bow in early 2021.