Intel Mocks Nerds, Names New Platform "Shelton"

I love the words "according to sources" in an article. Buy a cleaning lady lunch and you're off to the races. Well, according to the cleaning lad... um, sources at Intel, next year Intel will launch Shelton08, a super-cheap platform that will be used in sub $300 notebooks and a $100 desktop system.  $100? Does Shelton need a hearing aid as well as a pocket protector?

According to the sources, the platform will use 45nm Diamondville processors, with either Intel's 945GC or SiS 671 chipsets. It supports Microsoft Vista Basic.

US$100 desktop systems will be much lower-priced than just about all current mid-range and entry-level branded desktop PCs, which range in price from NT$10,000-20,000 (US$309.82-619.64), the sources commented, adding the launch of the Intel platform will spur a wave of demand for low-cost notebooks and desktops.

The sources revealed that Intel has already informed PC makers including Asustek Computer and Shuttle of its Shelton'08 plan, in the hopes that they can also step up the development of low-cost desktops for emerging markets.

Isn't there some way we can emerge again, or merge, or submerge, or whatever we need to do to get our hands on 45 nanometer scaled goodness at prices like that? You could even call it Shelton or Dwayne or Ralph or Siegfried and Roy and I wouldn't mind. 
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