Intel, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo Launch Joint Campaign To Promote PC Platform, Windows 10

Tech titans Intel and Microsoft are joining forces with the top three PC makers in the world -- that would be Lenovo, HP, and Dell, in that order (by market share) -- to blitz consumers with a new ad campaign that they collectively hope will enlighten the masses on what a Windows 10-based, Intel-powered system can do.

The slogan they've chosen to run with is "PC Does What?!," which will kick off in full effect this coming Monday, October 19. In the meantime, this dream team ensemble has released a spattering of short advertisements, all available to watch to on YouTube courtesy of Intel. There's five of them in all and it will take you just over a minute and a half binge view them.

PC Does What

All five players have been affected by softening PC sales to some extent, some more harshly than others. With the launch of Windows 10, which is now installed on more than 110 million devices, there's an opportunity to re-introduce the platform and perhaps reinvent it as being hip, a marketing perception that's worked well for Apple.

Whether or not Microsoft, Intel, and the gang can execute on that strategy remains to be seen. I've not been impressed with Microsoft's past efforts in the ad space, such as hiring Jerry Seinfeld to be the face of Windows PCs, and these first few "PC Does What?" ads, while entertaining, might perhaps have done better with a bit more substance.

That could change, especially with how much money is being pumped into this joint effort. According to the Associated Press, the "quirky" ad campaign is a $70 million effort that the companies involved will split.

"With this perfect storm of innovation, we felt it was the time to tell our story," Steve Fund, Intel's chief marketing officer, told AP. "People think having something good is good enough because they are unaware of how much better the PCs are now."

Each of the short ads highlight one or more standout features, such as Dell's Infinity Edge display, the flip screen found on HP's Spectre X360, and the general improvement to graphics over the years, to name a few.

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