Intel Looks To Partner With Samsung or Amazon For Web TV Project

Intel is looking for help in its endeavor to bring forth an Internet-based TV service that would ostensibly challenge the status quo in the industry. The chipmaker has been working on an “OnCue” brand with some 300 employees under the leadership of Erik Huggers, but things have only progressed so far; the company has been talking to Amazon and Samsung about collaborating.

Computer technology, and thus the makers of computer technology, has overtaken many areas of daily life, but the television market has proven an extremely tough nut to crack. Primarily, the issue is the lucrative contracts between content providers and traditional pay TV entities such as cable and satellite; the concept of Internet content threatens the old paradigm and its big money.

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV

Plenty of companies have been hammering away at the TV industry, including Intel, but Intel still lacks the big fish: a contract with a major content provider, the white whale of the streaming TV industry.

Intel does reportedly have its own set-top box with a nice UI, and cloud-based DVR is one of the features it would likely have. Intel has also said that it would offer a la carte programming options, so you wouldn’t have to pay premiums for a bunch of channels that you never watch, as well as live and on demand TV.

It’s not clear exactly what role Samsung and Amazon would play with Intel’s venture here, but Amazon does of course have it own video service (and a purported web TV set-top box of its own in the works), and Samsung has made industry inroads with its smart TVs and could offer Intel’s service as a bundle. Or perhaps the wing of Intel that’s working on this project needs an influx of cash and energy that it’s not getting from its own top brass.