Intel Launches ‘INDE’ Cross-Platform Development System For Android And Windows Devices

Last spring, we talked about "Beacon Mountain", Intel's pre-packaged Android development environment that caters to developing around both Intel and ARM architectures. We haven't heard too much about Beacon Mountain since, but as we can now see, Intel had even greater plans for it; it's been swallowed-up into Intel's INDE, or "Integrated Native Developer Experience".

While its name comes awfully close to "indie", Intel's latest development suite targets developers of all stripes. Unlike Beacon Mountain, which focused entirely on Android, INDE introduces Windows support. At the moment, developing with INDE requires Windows, but following in the footsteps of Beacon Mountain, OS X and Linux support is coming.

Intel's INDE can plug into Eclipse and Visual Studio, and includes a number of tools and libraries to help developers write more efficient apps. At the forefront, included media libraries will allow developers to enhance their apps with video streaming and editing capabilities, while threading and compiling tools are included to help them achieve the ultimate in efficiency.

As you'd expect from a development suite like this, robust analyzers and debuggers are included, such as GPA Platform Analyzer, Graphics Performance Analyzer, and Frame Debugger - all tools written in-house at Intel. Enriching the "Experience" further is access to a large number of samples and a modular design - just install the components you want to.

Intel INDE is currently in beta, so grabbing a copy requires you to register. You can do so at the link below.