Intel Ivy Bridge Pushed to Record Setting 7.184GHz on Asus Maximus V Extreme Motherboard

Renowned overclocker Andre Yang is no stranger to breaking clockspeed records, such as the time he pushed an AMD Bulldozer processor to 8.58GHz just four days after he already broke the record using the same chip. Now he's turned his attention to Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture, and with the help of an Asus Maximus V Extreme motherboard, Yang was able to push a Core i7 3770K to a record-setting 7,184.3MHz (7.184GHz)!

The previous record was held by Nick Shih, who took the same chip to 7.136GHz just a couple of weeks ago. Records, of course, are meant to be broken, and Yang and his team were able to push his processor a little higher, a feat that required a healthy dose of liquid helium the keep the processor and other components from cooking themselves.

Intel Core i7 3770K Overclock

To crank the 22nm chip that high, Yang fed the processor 1.976V and used a x63.0 multiplier and 114.03MHz bus speed. There were two 2GB sticks of G.Skill RAM installed for a total of 4GB in dual-channel mode running at 1,026.3MHz (1:9) with timings set at 7-11-7-28.

Kudos to all involved.