Intel Ivy Bridge Pricing Leaked to the Web

As 2011 rapidly comes to a close, one of the things we're most looking forward to in the new year is Intel's Ivy Bridge platform, which is currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. Faster, cooler running, and all-around better performing hardware is always a winning combination, but missing from that equation is price. Will these chips even be affordable?

It appears that way. CPU-World claims to have spied pricing information for several desktop Ivy Bridge SKUs, the most expensive of which is the Core i7 3770K (four cores, 3.5GHz stock, 3.9GHz Turbo, 8MB L3 cache) priced at $332. This will replace the Core i7 2700K, which carries the same price tag.

Source: CPU-World

Three Ivy Bridge processors will run $184: Core i5 3450 (four cores, 3.1GHz stock, 3.5GHz Turbo, 6MB L3 cache), Core i5 3450S (four cores, 2.8GHz stock, 3.5GHz Turbo, 6MB L3 cache), and Core i5 3470T (two cores, 3.9GHz stock, 3.6GHz Turbo, 3MB L3 cache). These and the rest are detailed above.

At IDF 2011, Intel explained that even though Ivy Bridge is a "tick" in Intel's "Tick-Tock" schedule, there aer many more advanced being made to the design that go beyond a die shrink, likening the release to a "Tick Plus." Lower power consumption, more advanced power management, an updated system agent, and more power and capable DX11 class graphics are all part of the Ivy Bridge architecture.