Intel Swipes Former AMD Guru Darren McPhee For Its Arctic Sound Discrete Graphics Team

Intel has been pushing hard to get its own discrete graphics group up and running. Part of that push has been hiring some of the best executives from competitors around the industry. Intel has already hired a former AMD marketing director Chris Hook and former AMD executive Raja Koduri for its discrete GPU team. Intel has added another former AMD name to its roster with the hiring of Darren McPhee.

intel arctic sound

McPhee is a former AMD marketing guru, and he will come onboard with Intel as the Director of Product Marketing in the Discrete Graphics Group. McPhee and Hook will work together in the marketing of the Intel discrete GPUs once the products launch. McPhee has been in the industry for many years having worked with ATI Technologies from 2003 to 2007 before AMD purchased that company and the ATI name went extinct.

McPhee was with AMD through 2015 when he left and worked for DM17 Marketing Solutions and BlueCat. McPhee was famous (or infamous) as being part of the team behind those cringeworthy AMD "The Fixer" campaigns that ran in 2013. One of those "The Fixer" videos is below.

The war for the dollars of gamers around the world still rages today with only two major brands in the fight: AMD and NVIDIA. It will be interesting to see if Intel launches its discrete graphics cards with enough muscle to take on the best from these top players.