Intel GPA Tools Enhance Integrated Graphics

If you thought the Game Developers Conference was restricted to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, consider this. The show hasn't even kicked off good, and we're already looking at two hugely important releases from the likes of ARM and Intel. The latter company has just proudly announced the release of its Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA), a suite of software tools created in support of the Visual Adrenaline developer program.

GPA will be offered up worldwide for PC game developers to analyze and optimize game performance on Intel Integrated Graphics, which is badly needed given the general poor performance of its chipsets under game engine workloads. According to Intel, the tools will provide "in-depth application analysis and customization so developers can pinpoint performance bottlenecks and optimize games for Intel-based desktop PCs and laptops that use Intel's chipsets."

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers - GPA

Put as simply as possible, GPA consists of three primary components:
  • System Analyzer: delivers high-level views of overall software performance
  • Frame Analyzer: offers in-depth frame-by-frame performance analysis
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): enables developers to customize the suite according to their needs; developers have the choice to run the tools locally or remotely through a network connection.

According to Elliot Garbus, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Visual Computing Software Division: "Game developers need simple, yet powerful tools which enable them to create games that look real, act real and feel real. The Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers suite is the only software development toolkit that provides a holistic view of system performance for games running on Intel Integrated Graphics. Solving performance bottlenecks with GPA ensures developers are delivering the best gaming experience."

GPA offers the ability to analyze graphics performance on current Intel integrated graphics chipsets and processors, and yes, that includes Core i7; in the future, the company is planning to add support to future Intel graphics and many-core related products. It almost goes without saying that the software suite is a prelude of sorts to Larabee.  As for cost? It's available free of charge to Visual Adrenaline members and can be purchased by non-members for $299 through the Intel Business Exchange.