Intel Goes Rock Star In New Marketing Campaign

Nice going, Intel. No really -- you've started our morning with quite the laugh. Just hours after we heard that AMD was refocusing its efforts in the microprocessor space, in flies media from Intel showing that it's not about to leave the limelight to the folks at Advanced Micro Device for even a millisecond.

The chip maker has decided to retool its image just a bit by launching a massive (and surely expensive) marketing campaign dubbed 'Sponsors Of Tomorrow.' In fact, it's Intel's largest marketing campaign in nearly three years and the first that spotlights the promotion of the Intel brand and not a processor product -- something we're seeing a lot more of in the industry these days (ahem, Apple!). The new ad blast is slated to begin on May 11th in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, but thanks to the wonders of YouTube, we can get an early sneak peek at what's to come.

Deborah Conrad, Intel vice president and general manager, Corporate Marketing Group, had this to say about her (and her team's) work: "For more than 40 years Intel has been delivering tomorrow's 'normal,' and our new marketing campaign is a way for the world to be made aware of this fact. We're hoping to convey that we're not just a microprocessor company, but a move-society-forward-by-quantum-leaps company. Our image, our brand are far too powerful to just be a microprocessor when, in fact, the greatest strength of the Intel brand will always be what is still to come. What Intel develops today leads the path toward a better tomorrow."

If you're anxious to see what a "multi-million-dollar marketing campaign" that should have a lifespan of "three to five years" (yeah, sounds ambitious to us too) looks like, check out the videos embedded in this page.