Intel D975XBX Review

Anandtech has just posted a review of Intel's new flagship consumer desktop motherboard dubbed the D975XBX. Obviously, everone is familiar with Intel's processors and chipsets. However, it is not widely known that Intel also makes complete motherboard solutions. In the past, Intel's motherboards lacked the robust features and functionality the major motherboard vendors were including. However with the company's latest offering it appears as though Intel could be giving motherboard vendors a run for their money.

Intel took a few steps forward with the board and yet at the same time, it took a few steps back. Intel did rectify the D955XBK cooling issues around the MOFSETS and increased the stability of the board with the 5-phase power regulation system. The inclusion of true x8 operability for the primary and secondary PCI Express connectors along with full ATI CrossFire support addressed the lack of performance for multiple GPU solutions. The improved BIOS options and increased voltages are a step in the right direction and shows that Intel is trying to match other suppliers in their ability to increase performance.
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