Intel Confirms Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake Single-Threaded Performance 11% Faster Than Kaby Lake 7700K

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There has been a lot of information leaking out regarding Intel's Coffee Lake processors over the past few months. Everything from cache levels to clock speeds to core counts have been making the rounds on the internet. Now, a new leak out of China gives us an early glimpse of Intel’s own guidance for Coffee Lake performance compared to the current generation Kaby Lake processors.

As you can see in, Intel is promising some decent performance gains in single-threaded benchmarks, with the flagship Core i7-8700K offering an 11 percent gain over the current Core i7-7700K. Multi-threaded performance also jumps by just over 51 percent, which is partially attributed to the fact that the chip has six cores and is capable of executing 12 threads compared to four cores and eight threads for its Kaby Lake counterpart.

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There are big gains to be found throughout the rest of the lineup as well, with the Core i5-8400 seeing 29 percent and 61 percent improvements respectively in single- and multi-threaded performance. This performance increase comes despite the fact that the Coffee Lake Core i5 SKUs don’t have HyperThreading enabled.

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The leaked slide also confirms what we’ve heard about the entry-level Coffee Lake Core i3 processors. They will get a bump to include four physical scores (without HyperThreading) instead of dual cores with HyperThreading enabled on the Kaby Lake generation.

It shall be interesting to see the matchup of these latest Coffee Lake processors with AMD’s current lineup of mainstream Zen processors (or whatever else AMD has in the pipeline in the coming months).