Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition Processor Rumored For June 8th Launch

Intel CPU

It seems increasingly likely that Intel's rumored Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition processor is real, and will be shipping soon. How soon? Recently leaked product listings on retailer websites suggested it would start shipping on August 20, though it might actually be available before then. If the latest information is correct, the Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition CPU will be available to pre-order starting June 8.

Andrew "Gibbo" Gibson from OverclockersUK addressed the leaked listings, saying in a forum post (before it was edited) that vendors currently advertising the chip are in breach of Intel's non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and will not be getting any stock. He also pegged the June 8 pre-order date.

"Product shall be available to pre-order on 8th June, that is when NDA lifts, anyone advertising is in breach of NDA and wn't be getting any stock," the post said before it was edited.

Since revealing that tidbit, Gibbo has edited his post to simply read, "Hi there, coming soon...," along with all follow-up posts on the subject, one of which stated that he expects Intel will sell thousands of units of the new chip. He also indicated that OverclockersUK has 1,000 units incoming, and that the selling price will be under £400 (~$533).

If previous leaks and rumors turn out to be true, the Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition will be Intel's first consumer processor to run at 5GHz out of the box. That is the stated boost clock, along with a 4GHz base clock. Both are 300MHz faster than the Core i7-8700K. The prevailing hunch is that the Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition is basically a binned Core i7-8700K, with Intel cherry-picking only the best silicon for the new part.

It's also interesting that the upcoming chip is an unlocked part. That suggests there will be some overclocking headroom, though how much remains to be seen. We're not expecting anything crazy since it's already hitting a 5GHz boost clock. We'll just have to wait and see.