Intel Core Architecture Details

OC Workbench has posted a brief article which outlines the features and benefits of Intel's new Core architecture. Here, the author steps through Intel's entire lineup from the mobile platform all the way through to multi-processor server platforms. If you're planning on upgrading your hardware in the near future, you'd be wise to take a peek at Intel's latest and greatest as they seem determined to knock the performance crown from AMD's head this round.

Intel claims that the performance of the Conroe will be > 40% improvement in performance and >40% reduction in power in TDP as compared to today's Pentium D 950 processor. As for Woodcrest, it will be >80% improvement in performance and 35% reduction in power as compared to Paxville DP. As for Merom, it will improve by over 20% over the existing Intel Core Duo processor (Yonah).


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