Intel Conroe CPUs to launch in Q3

Nested within a story on DigiTimes which covered the financial aspect of the last few months in the motherboard industry, there is a blurb regarding the launch of Intel's Conroe CPU. Apparently, motherboard vendors are looking towards a launch in the third quarter meaning that Intel would likely have a healthy performance advantage over AMD until they release their new architecture in the first half of 2007.

According to sources at motherboard makers, Intel is scheduled to roll out the E6000 family of processors (codenamed Conroe) - the E6300 at US$209, E6400 at US$241, E6600 at US$316 and the E6700 at US$530 - to replace the Pentium D900 dual-core CPUs. However, a spokesperson for Intel in Taipei commented that detailed product information, including pricing, would only be provided "at the launch timeframe." Manufactured on 65-nanometer process technology, the chip giant's next-generation dual-core processors deliver better performance and consume less power than the current Smithfield (Pentium D) series, the sources noted.


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