Intel Capital, PIPEX Create Broadband Wireless Company

Intel Capital, PIPEX Create Broadband Wireless Company In The UK

Companies Form PIPEX Wireless to Deploy Wireless Broadband Services Based on WiMAX Technology

LONDON, April 3, 2006 – Intel Capital, Intel's venture capital investment organization, and PIPEX Communications PLC, a major United Kingdom-based telecommunications provider, announced today that they have jointly formed PIPEX Wireless, a wireless operator which will provide broadband services in major metropolitan areas. These services are designed to meet the needs of consumers, enterprises and governments for wireless broadband, including citywide "hotspot" wireless access.

Intel Capital is investing US$25 million in the new company. PIPEX has transferred its entire 3.6GHz UK spectrum license to PIPEX Wireless to deploy services based on WiMAX (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access). WiMAX is a broadband wireless technology designed to provide Internet access over long distances. Intel and PIPEX are the company's only shareholders. READ MORE...