Intel Calls for Meeting to Discuss Lower Ultrabook Prices

From the very moment Ultrabooks emerged, Intel always envisioned these lightweight, high-performance PCs striking a balance between cutting edge hardware, portability, and price. For the most part, Ultrabook makers have been able to juggle all three, but as far as Intel is concerned, these thin and light machines still need to come down in price.

In speaking with supply chain makers in Taiwan, DigiTimes reports Intel has scheduled a meeting in July to come up with a strategy to decrease production costs, which would then be passed on to the consumer. Ideally, Intel wants to see Ultrabook models routinely selling in the $699 range in the second half of this year.

Ultrabooks made of aluminum are sexy, but they're also more expensive than ones that use plastic.

That might have been a tough goal at the very beginning, but as the form factor has picked up steam, prices have steadily trickled down. Even Apple was able to reduce the price of its refreshed MacBook Air models by $100, and those are toting Ivy Bridge hardware inside.

One of the ways Intel thinks prices could be lowered is by using fiberglass-reinforced plastic instead of aluminum alloy for the chassis. Lower cost batteries and hybrid hard drives in place of solid state drives could also help push prices down.