Intel Atom Shortage to Impact Product Rollout

Anyone jonesing to get their hands on an Intel Atom-based product, just might have to keep waiting a little longer than planned. According to electronista, Intel is meeting less than 40 percent of Atom orders. This is sure to impact the expected rollout of Atom-based products--some of which are expected as early as June. Either product ship dates will get pushed back, or far fewer of a particular product will be available at launch.

The rumor mill strongly hints that Apple is one of the manufacturers integrating the Atom processor into a yet-to-be divulged handheld device. (iPhone 2.0 perhaps?) Considering Apple's strong relationship with Intel of late, it wouldn't be suspiring if Apple is first in line to receive what few Atom processors are available. If in fact Apple is gearing up to release an Atom-based product, it is entirely plausible that Apple is the cause behind the shortage--Apple gets whatever they need and everybody else has to fight it out for sloppy seconds.