Intel Atom SDK Launches In Beta: Netbook App Store, Here We Come!

Your smartphone has an app store, so why doesn't your netbook? That's a question that Intel wants answered on the double, and with the adoption of netbooks still in "explosion" phase, Intel is expecting a new explosion in applications that are specifically tailored for use on these lower-powered machines. If you think about it, most mainstream desktop applications were designed for an average desktop or notebook, not necessarily a slower, less powerful Atom-based netbook. In some cases, trying to run those highly capable applications on a netbook can lead to an unsatisfactory experience, but Atom-based machines make the perfect proving ground for a new breed of software that is stripped clean of power-sucking code and streamlined for use on weaker, more portable laptops.
  • Developers can now submit their applications and be the first to take full advantage of the Intel Atom Developer Program’s revenue-generating opportunities.
  • The program’s newly released beta software development kit for Windows* and Moblin* provides developers with tools to ensure their netbook applications are store-ready.
  • Apps are for Intel-based netbooks, which are forecasted to reach more than 50 million** units sold by end of 2009.
In order to do so, Intel needs developers. Just as Apple's App Store does, it's the SDK and the faithful devs behind it that make everything possible. This week, Intel has launched a beta version of the Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit (SDK), which is being made available for Microsoft Windows and Moblin operating systems developers. The kit helps software companies and individuals design and submit applications (“apps”) for Intel-based netbooks to ultimately sell on future-planned stores opening next year, and if you're interested in dipping your toes in yet another app market, you can find out more right here:

Previously unveiled at the 2009 Intel Developer Forum, The Intel Atom Developer Program is designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) and software developers to create innovative applications and/or components for netbooks. The program provides tools, SDKs and community resources to develop new apps or port existing apps to Atom-based devices, including netbooks, which are forecasted to reach more than 50 million** units sold by end of 2009.

“Consumer adoption of mobile computing and Atom-based netbooks is growing rapidly, and there is an immediate opportunity for developers to capitalize on the popularity of these small form-factor, on-the-go devices,” said Renee James, corporate vice president and general manager, Intel Software and Services Group. “We are excited about the innovation and energy from developers around creating applications and unlocking new uses for Atom platforms.”

The Beta version of the SDK is now available for both Microsoft* Windows (C and C++) and Moblin (C) operating systems. With the Beta SDK, developers can submit their applications for validation and, once validated, begin to take advantage of the program’s revenue-generating opportunities in 2010. Intel is offering incentives for developers to begin submitting applications by offering a chance to win big prizes including a smart car or vacation package.

Developers can download the beta version of the SDK today and learn more about the program, application programming interfaces (APIs), validation process, application store framework and developer contests at

We also gave you a quick preview of Intel's Mobilin 2.1 operating system developed for handsets that we captured on video at Intel Developer Forum 2009 this year...

So beyond the initial netbook play, clearly Intel has its sights set on the larger market opportunity that smartphones comprise today.  Droid does perhaps but sometime next year, Intel might suggest something like "Moblin Motivates"... We'll take the royalties on that one, thanks.
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