Intel and Hitachi to Design SSDs together

Intel and Hitachi have joined forces to "jointly develop and deliver" Serial Attached and Fibre Channel solid-state drives (SSDs) for workstations, servers, and storage systems. Solid state drives have proven to be faster than magnetic hard-disk drives in many application workloads, and are inherently more durable as they do not have any moving parts. Intel currently manufactures consumer and enterprise-class SSDs based on Serial ATA technology, while Hitachi is large supplier of hard disk drives.

"The combination of a leading Enterprise drive supplier with a NAND technology and manufacturing leader will produce world-class solutions in terms of reliability, performance and system compatibility" the companies said in a statement.

The joint effort will hopefully produce results by early 2010 for both Serial Attached SCSi and Fibre Channel products, which are typically used in servers. The SSDs will not replace hard disk drives, rather they would complement them. "The new generation of solid-state drive technology complements existing enterprise-class hard disk drives and is intended for use in storage applications that require extremely high Input/Output Operations Per Second performance and power efficiency," according to the two companies. The drives would use a combination of Intel NAND flash memory and SSD technology. The NAND flash memory can reach speeds of 200 MB/s reading and 100 MB/s writing data.

Hitachi's expertise in drive firmware, reliability, qualification and system integration, combined with Intel's tech and manufacturing capabilities will hopefully be a match made in heaven, providing a boost in performance and stability for server solutions. Hopefully more joint ventures such as these will filter down to the consumer level.
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