Intel and Dell Hold-up On Vista

We recently heard Dell waffeling back and forth on their roll-out of windows Vista but now it seems even Intel is pulling back on the reins. 

"More than 80 percent of Intel's employees use notebook computers. Mueller said that Service Pack 1 (SP1) of Vista would be "tied to the [Centrino Pro] platform" within Intel's internal IT plan, but he suggested that Intel had delayed its Vista rollout in any case, in order to "make sure that all our internal applications operate with Office 2007 and Vista".

Dell has also not yet rolled out Vista internally although its director of client marketing for EMEA, Eric Greffier, said it is "very close" to doing so. "We are pretty much in the same position as Intel within Dell," he said on Thursday. "We knew we would roll out Vista internally faster than any other OS [but] if we are at SP1 level it is going to be safer."

vist.pngThere's no question about it, supporting a new OS is a huge undertaking.  The way Microsoft has been in the hot-seat over the past few months since its launch, is no surprise.  We too here at HH will wait until things are a bit more stable and "officially" supported under Vista, before we make the jump to performance benchmark testing on the new platform.  There's just no substitute for stability, just as there is no substitute for wide-spread deployment and field-hardened testing over time.  Our poll shows only 24% of our readers have made the jump to Vista.  Are you an early adopter?