Intel And CinemaNow Tag-Team To Bring 1080p HD Movie Rentals To Insiders

CinemaNow may not have the same ring to it as "Netflix," but now that Intel's involved, might you be paying closer attention? That's right -- CinemaNow, Best Buy's digital entertainment service, and Intel Corporationare teaming up, and for the first time, the former will be able to offer 1080p HD movies for rental and purchase on 2nd-gen Core processor-based PCs with Intel Insider technology.

Previously, only standard-definition movies had been available from CinemaNow on the PC. CinemaNow has now added several hundred new releases and popular catalog titles in HD from 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution for people who have Intel Insider on their desktop, laptop or Ultrabook. This is in addition to the 15,000 movies and TV episodes CinemaNow already boasts in its regular catalog. HD content offerings from CinemaNow and Intel Insider are expected to grow as more new releases and catalog titles are added weekly.

CinemaNow offers instant access to an extensive library of premium movie and TV content with no subscription required. Through the service, people can easily access video content on a wide range of Internet-connected devices.

Intel Insider technology is a feature of 2nd generation Intel Core processors that opens up a whole world of premium movies and entertainment right from a PC. Previously, much of the 1080p HD content had not been available on the PC due in part to content owner concerns about security. Intel Insider is a hardware-based protection technology that was designed to enhance security features in 2nd generation Intel Core processors, which is the fastest-shipping product in Intel history at over 75 million units shipped to date. With that, Intel Insider is available to an immense user base that continues to increase greatly by the day.

Will a Best Buy video service be able to make a dent in a market already dominated by Amazon, Netflix and Apple? Hard to say, but having Intel as a partner definitely won't hurt matters.