Intel and AMD on same Mobo, Razotech Blizzard Case, and more!

Hey folks, how's everyone doing? A foot of snow has fallen, adding to the 4 inches we had yesterday, so hurrah for March and the fact that's it's not even half over. Well, I'll end with the sarcasm and get you the news, enjoy :)

Razotech Blizzard Case @ PimpRig

"Before I go any further, let me talk a little bit about the airflow design of the Blizzard case. It makes no sense at all. Both doors and the top are actually a huge mesh, but only the top and left side have filters. The front is mesh, but is mostly blocked by plastic. The only fan included on the Blizzard is a front intake yet there is no filter there."

March 2005 Budget System Buyer's Guide - Socket 754 under $400 @ Mikhailtech

"For the first time in our budget guide we're making the switch from the now-discontinued Socket A platform to a much more potent Socket 754. The performance difference is a very noticeable one and although we're not building a system for overclocking, the potential of these new 2600 processors is amazing to say the least (overclocks close to 1GHz have been achieved)."

DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 @ XYZ Computing

"These boards have been known to overclock very well, are readily available, and are reasonably priced. If this was not enough they are UV-reactive so they look super cool too. They are especially catered to the enthusiast system builder so, as you would imagine, they are on they way to becoming legendary in forums worldwide."

Intel and AMD on the same motherboard! @ HEXUS

"Here at CeBIT 2005, you see innovation galore, but at the ECS stand they have something truly special that stands out as being one of the hottest products of the show. HEXUS brings you the ECS PF88, the first mainboard to support both Intel P4 AND AMD Athlon 64 processors."

Ultrasone's HFI-550 Beatmaster headphones @ Dan's Data

"Surround sound and radiation balderdash aside, the HFI-550s sound good. Very good. Not incredible and amazing and life-changing, but certainly better than most sealed headphones I've auditioned. And yes, they have what you might call, um, prominent bass, but not of the buzzy muddy one-note cheap-midi-system variety."

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