Intel and AMD Frustrating Mobo Vendors

DigiTimes reports that both AMD and Intel are making moves which are frustrating motherboard vendors. With regards to Intel, vendors are less than thrilled to see the company aggressively pulling in the launch dates for Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom. With products launching months ahead of schedule, motherboard vendors now need to creatively figure out a way to get rid of existing product as attention will certainly drift towards the new platform once it is launched. In terms of AMD, the AM2 platform is not offering the same performance promises of Intel's new architecture. Regardless, AMD will likely launch the AM2 platform ahead of its original dates in an effort to lessen the blow from Intel's own product launch. Once again, motherboard vendors find themselves in a precarious situation as they have far less time to bring these products to market than they had anticipated.

In an attempt to catch up with the competition, AMD will probably try to move the launch of its AM2 dual-core CPUs from June 6, as previously planned, to about May 23, according to the sources. So far, these processors appear to have only minor chances to take a lead over Conroe, and this raises concerns within the industry about AMD's competitive power, at least, in the second half of this year. On the other hand, AMD may benefit from claims that Intel may be experiencing difficulties with the Conroe platform, with the sources mentioning possible compatibility issues with the current Intel 975X Express chipset and the unclear situation with the DDR2-800 memory standard, which is still not approved by JEDEC.


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