Intel 5080/5060 Dual-Core Xeon Processors Reviewed

There is a very good write up posted at GamePC evaluating Intel's new 5000 series dual-core Xeon processors.  GamePC tested the new CPUs with Intel's new chipsets and FB-DIMM memory as well.

"Today at GamePC, we've decided to take a thorough look at Intel's new dual-core Xeon 5000-series processors. These chips, based on their new "Demspey" core architecture, are Intel's second attempt at a dual-core Xeon design. At peak clock speeds of 3.73 GHz with 2 MB of cache per core, all manufactured on a 65nm process, their results this time appear to be far more successful. We test these new Xeons against AMD's fastest dual-core Opterons in workstation/server environments, along with tests of Intel's new 5000X chipset and FB-DIMM memory modules."