Instapaper Downloads Shoot up 600% with Google Nexus 7 Launch

Was it a coincidence? Perhaps, but the fact remains that according to Mobelux, maker of Instapaper, the “read later” Android app saw downloads skyrocket 600% when the Google Nexus 7 launched.

According to The Next Web, Jeff Rock of Mobelux heard anecdotally that the $25 Google Play credit that came with the Nexus 7 may have had something to do with such rapid downloads of the $2.99 app, but the larger reason may be that the 7-inch tablet is simply ideal for an app like Instapaper.

Google Nexus 7

Users and critics alike are coming around to the idea of the 7-inch tablet; the size is ideal for reading, and it offers a lighter and slightly more portable alternative to larger 9- and 10-inch slates for mobile computing such as Web browsing, Facebooking, and the like.

Rock was quoted a saying, “We’ve always felt that Android tablets were where the Instapaper for Android market was at so we’re thrilled to see an Android tablet that’s finally resonating with people.”

Nexus 7 statistics
Via The Next Web

You can see how dominant the Nexus 7 (codenamed “grouper”) is in the chart above; after a relatively short time on the market, it already accounted for 15.58% of active Instapaper installations, which is a big step ahead of the second- and third-place Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices. Even combined, the two Samsung devices don’t equal the installations on the Nexus 7.