Instagram Rolls Out Much-Needed Tools To Bury Spammers In Meta's Backyard

instagram spam tools hero
Instagram is going to be giving creators on the platform a helping hand when it comes to managing their communities, alongside assistance to help them keep their account in good standing. Over the coming weeks creators will get access to a suite of tools that include improved spam detection and in-app notifications of any content that may be in violation of Instagram’s policies.

To ease the burden of moderation, Instagram will be using its new spam tools to automatically filter any new followers that appear to be spam or bot accounts into a separate inbox. Existing spam or bot accounts that are already following a creator will also get thrown into this pile.

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A creator can take the time to look through the filtered list to find any legitimate accounts to approve them or can simply choose the “Delete all spam followers” option. However, it’s important to note that a creator doesn’t need to interact with this at all, as Instagram will automatically delete these filtered followers after 30 days.

Instagram will also be providing in-app notifications if a creator’s content goes against community guidelines or recommendation guidelines. The company states that “We want to help provide creators with more information that could help them stay recommendable. These nudges are meant to provide you with more education to make an informed choice about keeping or removing the content.”

These new tools will hopefully make it easier for content creators to continue to do what they enjoy without having to deal with some of the negative sides of being online.